The Color Code

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Q. What is The Color Code Personality Profile?

The Color Code, created by Dr. Taylor Hartman, is one of the most insightful personality test in existence, and is made up of four personality Colors or driving Core Motives (Power, Intimacy, Peace, Fun). The Color Code teaches you the real motives behind your actions and how to better relate to other personality types. The Color Code is not a matching system; it’s designed to help you build stronger and more meaningful relationships by understanding what drives the behavior of yourself and others. To see how you match up with other daters, take a look at the Color Code information on the “Color Code” tab located at the top of their profile.

After you take the Color Code test, you will receive a 15-page detailed personality assessment that tells you all about your Color and how you relate to other Colors. You will also learn your personality’s pros and cons and wants and needs.