Contacting Members

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Q. How do I contact someone that interests me?

You can contact a member by sending an email, instant message or Flirt.

  • To send an email, simply go to the person's profile and click Email me button. Type in your message and click Send.
  • If the person is online, you can send an instant message and start a conversation in real-time. The I'm Online! Chat with me ONLINE button flashes in the person's profile if they're logged in. Click it, and you're on your way.

It's free to send a Flirt, but to send an email or instant message, you'll need to subscribe. As a Subscriber you'll have full access to all of the site's communication tools. It costs less than a night on the town, so it's well worth it.

And don’t forget to check your Inbox for new mail. Now on all members can access their Inbox and read and respond to their mail. Note: non-subscribers are only allowed to reply once per message.